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Parkinson's Fitness


This exercise program is based on a non-contact boxing training regime designed for people with Parkinson’s disease. It is a fun and socially engaging exercise program that provides participants with numerous health benefits that mitigate the physical, emotional, and cognitive symptoms of Parkinson’s.


Morning Bootcamp/Boxing

At Still Kicking Fitness we help busy professionals and retirees  improve their life through intelligent, fun training and compassionate coaching. Based in Scarborough, we are an active and enthusiastic Fitness Group with no egos and lots of sweaty encouragement. We like to keep up the energy and excitement, always welcoming new members to take part. Simply put, we love getting together to do what we love.

Class Schedule

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions are 1 hour long and can take place at your home or in any location that you prefer. Bookings are available by contacting
Still Kicking Fitness. 

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